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CLE Range - Pleasure Collection

2IN 1 Multi-functional Cooker

Pleasure Collection has a multi-functional pot and Nylon plate. The multi-functional pot can offer you for cooking, steaming, frying, roasting, etc.

And the multi-functional Nylon plate acts as a steamer, insulation pads, lid and filter. The steamer can be placed tightly on the handle without any rotation. The fry pan assembling with the Casserole acts as a tall lid. The assembling Fry pan and Casserole provide a larger space for steaming.

Pleasure Collection is with a glass lid, which Fry pan and Casserole could be used separately. Also, there is a detail on handle for locking to prevent the rotating lid and easy to take.


24x6cm Casserole

24x13cm Casserole

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